Thursday, October 17, 2013

To The Dudette Who Has A Crush On Me

Dear Dudette,

You seem have to a crush and/or an unhealthy obsession with me. You always think a new poster is me and when I post you call me by my real name instead of my user name. It's adorable your little crush on me, simply adorable.

I think we both know by now that you miss my postings on PublishedAuthors and you are hoping, nay, longing for my return, so when a new poster comes along, you hope and pray it's me, but despite your hopes, you are wrong. Oh you think you are correct, but  you are not and seeing your unrequited desire for me in action is almost heartbreaking.

Also, dudette, by calling me by my real name and while you hide in anonymity? Cowardly. A coward, a bottom dwelling piece of human garbage who doesn't have the vagina to confront me with your actual name!

So while you continue you little crush on me, I will continue to regard you as little more than a yippy little dog: annoying yes, but also easily ignored.

Edit 10/22/2013

This is the dudette with the crush on me:

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