Thursday, October 24, 2013

Onward To Arachnid

The edits for Arachnid, Book Two of Thomas of Xuelition are finished. Next up: proofreading.

In all it will a year and a half between books, which in grand scheme of things isn't a long time but in this electronic day and age seems like a long time. This was due to two things: first I didn't know Booktrope wanted four more novels until I saw the cover for Ouroboros. I was surprised and delighted, yes, but also horrified, because omg I have get writing! Second, Booktrope changed the way it did things internally while Arachnid meandered it's way to them which resulted in a delay but also it will make things smoother in the future.

I don't have a release date yet for Arachnid but it won't be much longer now. I am very excited and I hope you'll follow along as things develop.

Arachnid is a prequel to Ouroboros, set early in Thomas' career. He's young and has a chance for a big payday but other people, other things have plans for him as well. We learn the origin of some of the things Thomas does as well a bit more about his dead (?) mother. Arachnid also sets up the next book.

Which is Tiamat. Tiamat takes places a few months after Ouroboros and directly connects to the events of Arachnid. The best part? I have already have the first draft done! Stay tuned!

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